Most products within our Web pages reflect standard manufacture. Often this will not suit your application, so Hydrum offer a Custom Design facility to tailor the product to your environment / application. This can be as simple as changing the base dimensions or creating an attachment to suit a specific function. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific application requirements.

3rd Quarter 2005 will see the launch of two new machines for safe and economical Materials Handling. They will be rated for 150Kgs at a 350mm Load Centre and based on the highly successful MultiLift design. The base machine will feature an automatic brake winch for safe lifting and lowering sequences, with an electric version as an option. This machine will utilise a 24 Volt circuit for effortless lifting and lowering. As these machines become available, details and pictures will be found under the Materials Handling Tab.

After 35 years of successful Australian manufacturing and exports globally, Hydrum is pleased to provide our new website which offers many useful details of our company and products. With many of the original Drum Handling machines still operational, it may be worth considering an overhaul or upgrade of your valuable Hydrum machine. This could include compressed air over hydraulic, to enhance lifting efficiency or adding another attachment to enhance the overall productivity or simply an overhaul to bring the unit back to current specification and a safe working condition.

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